K.P. has a long history of mentoring startups. Between his own entrepreneurial efforts and his time at ATDC, KP has worked with 1,000’s of startups. Before you quit your day job to do a StartUp, talk to me. To know K.P. Reddy is to experience boundless enthusiasm for creating new ventures. Reddy’s multidisciplinary career spans the innovation continuum. Over 25+ years, he has been a technologist, subject matter expert, founder, CEO, advisor, investor, professor, author and coach.

His book “What you know about startups is all wrong.” is due out in Sept 2017. Join his Newsletter to get updates and discounts.

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“K.P. is a wonderful mentor and coach. His experience with company structure, IP and fundraising is incredibly valuable to early stage startups. He is generous with his time and shares his knowledge, contacts and experience openly. I highly recommend K.P. to any entrepreneur.”

Stacey Osiecki – CEO and Co-Founder at Parlore


1 Day Accelerator

This intensive program distills 6 weeks of learning into a one day interactive sprint. The day will be packed with team exercises, hypothesis evolution, customer discovery, and pitch practice. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, an idea ready to get off the ground, or an existing company waiting to grow, 1 Day Accelerator is where you will create the training plan for the journey. Come for the knowledge and stay for the experience.

“K.P. has a very unique perspective that is of value to any young entrepreneur. His nuggets of wisdom and his willingness to share his experience will help you quickly get on the right track.”

Niesha Butler -TV Host- Sideline Reporter – Analyst – Writer- Editor – Digital Media Correspondent

“I knew I needed to engage KP’s expertise after hearing him speak at an Atlanta music hack. I was right. He provided razor sharp insight, incredibly valuable feedback and critical resources for my application development. More importantly, I gained perspective for my project, which helped me to avoid some common pitfalls; wasted time, wasted money, poor development. His coaching has been a great benefit. I recommend him highly to aspiring media & tech entrepreneurs..”

Monica Hooks – Principal m-oracle, LLC

“K.P. gave honest feedback about our startup that has given us new insights and perspectives. His time and thoughts were appreciated!”

Lavie Sak – Founder at Shot Stats

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