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Submit your Problem 

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Everyday I work with a lot of startups and corporates. I have found that many of them are in the weeds and need some perspective. Much of this is a lot of problem solving. A few years ago, I took a sabbatical. I decided that since income generation was not a priority, that I would run an experiment. Call it disrupting “consulting”. Clients hire consultants to solve problems, instead they pay for deliverables and process but the problem isn’t solved. So..I came up with my model of consulting.

  1. Client creates a Problem Statement – This is very hard and pushes the client to really consider the outcomes. The problem statement should include near term goals (no more than 12 months).
  2. Client puts a value on the Problem- This can be looked at many ways. Opportunity cost, risk, etc..
  3. We agree on 1. And 2.
  4. I solve the Problem.
  5. The Client tells me how much they will pay me.
  6. I send them an Invoice for that amount (The only deliverable in this method), and they pay me in 3 days.

Funny enough…it works!

I decided to offer this to startups in a modified way. You submit your Problem Statement and I will send you my solution.

Fill in the below form. Give me some background and a solid Problem Statement
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