“PK Ready is a “Who’s Who” here in ATL!”

          -Atlanta Magazine

“I’d swipe right on that!”

          -Dozens of women on Tinder
“I’m KP Reddy!!!!!”
“He’s so handsome”
            -KP’s mom
“Five Stars!”
         -The New Yorker’s article “A Deep Look at the Indian, Southern, Single, Entrepreneurial, Atlanta-based (OTP), Male 40-Somethings in the Architecture & Construction High-tech Investment and C-level Management Market”
“Still not sure if I should put him in the K’s or R’s?”
       – Yellowpages.com regional Mgr
“He’s our dad!”
        -Possible dozens of children from around the globe
“A true leader to all of us”
        -StrangeBlinks Podcast
“KP Ready?  You mean QuickCrete?”
          -Marc G. Home Depot Isle #22
“Not as bad of a driver as I thought he would be.”
    -Neighbor for 3 years
“We like that you aren’t obsessed about how you look”
     -Previous girlfriends
“A long term mentor, friend and someone I greatly respect.”
      -Fred Nix