Iain Melville

“KP is a great innovator with a deep understanding of the AEC space. He very clearly sees the role and […]

James Pavlik

“KP is a consummate entrepreneur, bringing together a mix and history of innovation, thought leadership and operating experience.”

Jason Dunn

“K.P. and I have worked together across several industries. He contains the right mix of technology expertise, business acumen, and […]

Lee Rudd

“I worked with K.P. while he served as CIO at Verso. K.P. has the unique ability to match technology with […]

Rick Ferry

“K.P. Reddy is one of the most knowledge and leading expert in the field of Building Information Management – BIM. […]

Linda Thomas

“KP has the rare combination of common sense, business sense and technical acumen. He embodies the future of IT in […]