Launching game – changing startups, raising substantial investments, and
leading organizations to meaningful acquistion and IPO exits.


Seed Stage Investing

Shadow Ventures was founded by serial entrepreneur and investor KP Reddy. The mission of Shadow Ventures is to invest in Seed stage companies that are led by dynamic entrepreneurs focused on changing the built world with disruptive technologies.

Corporate IP Incubator

The Combine partners with enterprise organizations and technical founders to convert their promising intellectual property into viable, scalable businesses with a strict focus on achieving aggressive IRR and multiple targets. We provide direct leadership and a structured maturation process to create a proprietary pipeline of investment-grade growth companies.



Track, quantify, interpret, and apply massive data flows curated in and around buildings

Cloud / Mobility

Utilizing cloud computing to store, manage, and process data of interest


Disruption and automation of  supply chain and warehouse management through robotics.

Industrial loT

Sensors and tech – enabled devices to track everything that happens in a built environment.

Machine Learning

Data science for big data derived from built environment technologies to accurately predict behaviors and outcome


Financial security management through and experimenting with project financing with cryptocurrencies.

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