“KP did what KP does. A great job. KP set up his presentation by saying being opportunistic is not an investment thesis. He then proceeded to share with all the angel investors present the significant elements of a focused investment thesis. The stories which exemplifi ed each element were spot on! Thanks KP.”

 Charlie Paparelli – Professional Angel Investor and Founder of Angel Lounge at the ATDC.

“When we were asked to put a team together to review technology to manage the World Bank’s construction projects in the Developing World, we immediately asked K.P. to participate. His knowledge of the ICT-Enabled Tools for Construction is unparalleled. And, his speaking and presentation skills are equal to the leaders in his field..”

John Ellington, CEO Equity Technology Partners

“KP’s presentation at SouthWiRED 2014 was excellent! I really enjoyed his approach and expertise on start-up growth strategies, and it definitely made an impact on the way I understand the start-up scene. Brilliant vision and insight!”

Agustin Ochoa, Financial Projects Analyst, Cementos Argos

KP is a talented and bright advisor who combines a knowledge of cutting edge technology with the ability to manage the various components in a business. He is a pleasure to work with and we rely on him often on our engagements.”

William O. Inman, Founder & Chairman, The Inman Company, A Consulting & Investment Banking Firm
jackie hutter quote

K.P. Reddy has consistently provided me with excellent advice and counsel for my startup company. In comparison to many of the people who assist startups in the Atlanta community, K.P.’s advice goes beyond his own tacit knowledge and experience. Instead, he provides creative solutions to the issues that I put before him and his approach.”

 Jackie Hutter – Globally Recognized IP Strategist, Business Counselor, Patent Lawyer and Startup Entrepreneur

KP is one of the most knowledgeable people that I have run across in the entrepreneurship space. His thinking is clear and his delivery is precise yet cognizant of the audience. I would welcome the opportunity to work with KP at anytime and highly recommend him for this contemplated role.”

 Michael Holmes – Instructor, Entrepreneurship/New Venture Management at Morehouse College
michael holmes quote
Abhilasha Bhat quote

I have had the pleasure of knowing K.P both as an instructor at Georgia Tech and as a supervisor at ARC BIM Services. He sought an unconventional way of teaching by using his BIM technical and entrepreneurial expertise to create new ideas and motivate the students to think outside the box.

Abhilasha Bhat – CAFM Project Manager at STV | DPM (Diversified Project Management) 

K.P.’s role at ATDC has been extremely valuable to RideRedRover during the beginning stages of our company. His experience coupled with insight, commitment, and honest feedback has helped set the course for RideRedRover giving us a solid platform to build on. He has also provided up valuable resources during this critical launch phase.

Amy Jarratt – Co-Founder WonderKey 
amy jarratt quote

“As a strategic thinker, communicator and visionary, KP Reddy is wise beyond his years…by at least a couple of decades. CEOs, CMOs and anyone thinking big or wanting to approach challenges from outside of their box can benefit from reading from, listening to or sitting down with KP.

Bill Crane – Political Analyst/Commentator WSB-TV 2, Action News 

“K.P Reddy is an outstanding engineer and business leader. His creativity, work ethic and leadership skills make him a natural in the field of technical business consulting.

Chuck Coletta – Quality Assurance, Sourcing, Product Evaluation and Regulatory Compliance specialist 
chuck coletta quote
damon borozny quote

“I saw KP speak at SouthWiRED 2014 and he was great. He was speaking on startup funding and was very frank about the realities of it and gave actionable steps about what to do, what not to do, and how to be prepared.

Damon Borozny – Director of Project Management at Nebo Agency 

“KP has done an excellent job helping connect our company to potential employees, suppliers, and investors. His advice and guidance has been very influential and helpful in the initial stages of our startup.

Derick Jaros – Strategy/M&A, eCommerce Expert, Retail Merchant, Payments – Proven Ability to Drive P&L and Teams (Emory MBA) 
derick jaros quote

I have had the privilege of working w/ KP since 1999. KP has served me as a mentor, business partner & advisor. KP has a vast amount of knowledge, experience & business acumen that I routinely leverage to help me become a better at conducting my business.

Dominic Cristelli – Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast at Tribridge 

“KP Reddy knows his stuff, and knows how to deliver it. His engaging speech about cloud technology at our organization’s annual convention kept our members’ full attention throughout. Judging from the conversations I had after KP’s speech, many of the attendees are ready to implement the ideas he suggested.

Ed Avis – Principal – Ed Avis Associates 
gordon murray quote

“KP is a detail oriented professional with a vast array of knowledge across many industries; technolgy and engineering to name a few.

Gordon Murray –  Enterprise Account Manager 

“KP is a great innovator with a deep understanding of the AEC space. He very clearly sees the role and value of technology in business strategy and execution and has consistently been ahead of the curve in his vision and his thinking.

Iain Melville – CEO – Reed Construction Data (division of Reed Elsevier)

“KP is a consummate entrepreneur, bringing together a mix and history of innovation, thought leadership and operating experience.

James Pavlik – Baird Venture Partners 

“K.P. and I have worked together across several industries. He contains the right mix of technology expertise, business acumen, and networking skills. K.P.is incredibly focused in challenging situations, and always seems to always find creative approaches to those challenges.

Jason Dunn P.E. – Senior Project Manager – Silverman Construction Program Management, Inc.  
suzy creach quote

“K.P assisted our company at a time when we were in great need of reorganization and direction. We were overwhelmed by his overall business acumen. Not only does he possess the financial expertise necessary to guide that aspect of a company, but he is on the leading edge technologically, as well.

Suzy Creach – Executive Director at Hartman Simons & Wood LLP 

“KP recently spoke to the Atlanta cohort of Pipeline Fellowship on the topic of investor exit strategies. As new angel investors in the Atlanta ecosystem, KP posed challenging, introspective questions to encourage us to develop a thesis, akin to a traditional investment policy statement.

Julie Haim – Credit Strategist at Credit Suisse 
Julie Haim Quote
lee rudd quote

“I worked with K.P. while he served as CIO at Verso. K.P. has the unique ability to match technology with the big picture needs of the business. I have watched K.P. continue to use his abilities with great success over the years. I would not hesitate to work with K.P. in the future.

Lee Rudd – Human Resources Executive – State of Georgia 

KP may be the best communicator of complex and innovative business concepts … on the planet…

Shannon Copeland – Group Operating Officer Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP 
leslie l becker quote

“It’s rare to find a leader of an incubator program who begins his reign by connecting with entrepreneurs and establishing standards to transform the program. That’s what K. P. Reddy is doing at ATDC.

Leslie L. Becker CEO at 32nd St. Media, LLC 

“KP has the rare combination of common sense, business sense and technical acumen. He embodies the future of IT in the Construction Industry. Students were very pleased with his relaxed manner and have reported that they learned more about the industry in one class with KP than they had in all of their other courses.

Linda Thomas – Director, Construction Management program at Stevens Institute of Technology 
linda thomas quote
paul turner quote

“K.P. has always been the perfect blend between technology and business savvy. He sees everything at a strategic level and can get the right people in the room to make great things happen. K.P. is a trusted adviser to not only me, but many executives throughout the country.

Paul Turner – Vice President of Professional Services at Anova IT 

“K.P. is one of the sharpest mentors and a champion of the Atlanta startup ecosystem. He brings a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur and relates closely to the challenges facing entrepreneurs and startups. I’ve always appreciated his willingness to give honest feedback and to make an introduction to his network.

Pierce Alizadeh – CEO at RiskAutomation 
pierce alizadeh
rick ferry quote

“K.P. Reddy is one of the most knowledge and leading expert in the field of Building Information Management – BIM. K.P. brought a new revenue stream to ARC with his BIM knowledge and selling skills. K.P. has two of the most important skills in business – knowledge and selling skills.

Rick Ferry – Vice President Operations Northern California 

KP is a very savvy and pragmatic business resource in the technology arena. He has a broad perspective and is quick to make connections in developing business processes and opportunities.”

Sean O’Shea – CPA Regional Account Manager at Prophix Software 
sean oshea quote
russell shulin quote

“K.P.’s knowledge of startups is extensive and he is an excellent communicator. K.P. and I went to Georgia Tech and I also saw him speak about startup growth strategies at the SouthWired 2014 conference. He shared detailed expertise on pros and cons of bootstrapping, angel investing, VC and debt strategies,

Russell Shulin – Founder & CEO, Boost IT 

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