K.P. has worked with a lot of entrepreneurs, investors and clients in the last 25 years. This Global Ecosystem supports his Advisory, Investing and Media activities. By working with K.P., you become part of this robust and supportive ecosystem. 

See what they have to say about KP.

Expert in the Built Environment

“When we were asked to put a team together to review technology to manage the World Bank’s construction projects in the Developing World, we immediately asked K.P. to participate. His knowledge of the ICT-Enabled Tools for Construction is unparalleled. And, his speaking and presentation skills are equal to the leaders in his field…”

John Ellignson

CEO at Equity Technology Partners

“K.P. is a very savvy and pragmatic business resource in the technology arena. He has a broad perspective and is quick to make connections in developing business processes and opportunities.”

Sean O’Shea

CPA -Regional Account Manager at Prophix Software – Experienced financial budgeting, planning and reporting executive.

“K.P. is an outstanding engineer and business leader. His creativity, work ethic and leadership skills make him a natural in the field of technical business consulting.”

Chuck Coletta

Quality Assurance, Sourcing, Product Evaluation and Regulatory Compliance specialist

Startup Coach

“I knew I needed to engage KP’s expertise after hearing him speak at an Atlanta music hack. I was right. He provided razor sharp insight, incredibly valuable feedback and critical resources for my application development. More importantly, I gained perspective for my project, which helped me to avoid some common pitfalls; wasted time, wasted money, poor development. His coaching has been a great benefit. I recommend him highly to aspiring media & tech entrepreneurs.”

Monica Hooks

Principal m-oracle, LLC

“K.P. gave honest feedback about our startup that has given us new insights and perspectives. His time and thoughts were appreciated!”

Lavie Sak

Founder at Shot Stats

“K.P. is a wonderful mentor and coach. His experience with company structure, IP and fundraising is incredibly valuable to early stage startups. He is generous with his time and shares his knowledge, contacts and experience openly. I highly recommend K.P. to any entrepreneur.”

Stacey Osiecki

CEO and Co-Founder at Parlore

“K.P. has a very unique perspective that is of value to any young entrepreneur. His nuggets of wisdom and his willingness to share his experience will help you quickly get on the right track.”

Niesha Butler

TV Host- Sideline Reporter – Analyst – Writer- Editor – Digital Media Correspondent


“I have known K.P. For several years, but it was not until I brought him in to speak with some of Africa’s top leaders and entrepreneur’s when I learned the true breadth of his knowledge. He spoke from experience and shared practical insights and best practices we could all immediately utilize in our respective organizations. His relaxed style promoted great questions and discussion. I will certainly be inviting him back to speak.”

David Duncan

Director of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Development at Clark Atlanta University

“KP did what KP does. A great job. KP set up his presentation by saying being opportunistic is not an investment thesis. He then proceeded to share with all the angel investors present the significant elements of a focused investment thesis. The stories which exemplified each element were spot on! Thanks KP.”

Charlie Paparelli

Professional Angel Investor and Founder of Angel Lounge at the ATDC.

“KP is a talented and bright advisor who combines a knowledge of cutting edge technology with the ability to manage the various components in a business. He is a pleasure to work with and we rely on him often on our engagements.”

William O. Inman

Founder and Chairman of The Inman Company, a consulting and investment banking firm