KP Reddy is available for Speaking Engagements and Executive Coaching. Much of his speaking is foundationally based on his two books.


Innovation in the Built Environment

There is a crisis to innovate in the building industry as it becomes more crowded, less profitable, and has shortages of laborers to keep up with the population growth. Built Environment technology, also known as BuiltTech, is the innovative technology used in all human-built structures. BuiltTech is what shapes the future of planning, design, construction, infrastructure, and cities. The AEC industry is a major player in our BuiltTech environment however many in the sector still find themselves stuck in the slow lane with adopting new technology. As a consequence of internal resistance to change, this has created a high degree of fragmentation.  These barriers to technology must be overcome to ensure the BuiltTech Environment can effectively catch up. Unlike a decade ago, BuiltTech professionals now carry smart devices in and around buildings sites constantly. But what impact will BIM, robotics, or Blockchain have on the way in which building projects are planned, designed, and funded?

Entrepreneurs are the new superheroes (without the tights, of course)

KP Reddy wrote the book on “What you know about Startups is wrong”. There are lots of problems and Start-Ups are filling in those gaps. We need new ideas and new companies to help out with these massive problems we have in our world. But that leads to the next series of issues, Start-Ups are inexperienced, difficult to get funding, and not favorable unless you have the right relationships. Being an entrepreneur is probably one of the hardest things anyone can do on a personal level.

KP Reddy is a serial entrepreneur who understands the ups and downs of Start-Ups. He has first hand lost some and won big. He will explain the number one trait is knowing when to quit and when to move on because sometimes there’s a reason why plans aren’t working.  Lastly, he will explain how to get funding, when to exit, and go over topics that explain the scenes reality of the business building.


As a trusted advisor KP has coached many executives looking for an outside vantage point to prioritize their most precious resource, their bandwidth for critical thinking and decisioning. Much of his philosophy led to publishing his best seller “What you know about startups is wrong..”