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2023 DIAL Innovation Benchmark

Innovation has become a key driver of growth and success in the built industry. Companies that can innovate and stay ahead of the curve are more likely to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. But innovation is not always easy, and many companies struggle to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with it.

To help companies better understand their position on the innovation spectrum, we conducted a quick survey based on the principles of our DIAL assessment. The survey was designed to capture a benchmark for the industry and identify where companies stand on the DIAL spectrum. By gathering insights from industry experts, we can help companies understand the current state of innovation in the Built Industry and identify areas for improvement.

The survey results provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that companies face when it comes to innovation. For example, the survey found that many companies struggle with implementing new technologies and processes and that there is a need for more collaboration and communication between stakeholders in the industry. By identifying these challenges, we can work together to find solutions and establish an innovation journey that will drive the industry forward and stay ahead of the curve

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