Creating the Intangible Enterprise

The Critical Skills Required to Thrive in an AI-Driven World

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The AI revolution is here...

AI is poised to upend every industry in its wake. But how will this new technology actually change how we build companies? In the face of algorithms and machine learning,  intangibles that are uniquely human — skills like creativity, adaptability and leadership — will be the clear drivers for growth.Read Creating the Intangible Enterprise to understand not only how AI fundamentally change the landscape of every industry, but also why companies that focus on those unmeasurable skills will be best-positioned to navigate it.


KP gives the reader a highly personalized, deeply engaging and brilliant analysis on the role AI will play—and won't play— and how professionals need to best prepare themselves for the coming AI revolution.

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Michael Beckerman
CEO of CREtech


A great job of disarming the assaults on AI and positioning it as the valuable asset it really is—an enhancement, not replacement, for human creativity, judgment, and decision-making.

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Barry Johnson
Chief Executive Advisor, BEAJ GLOBAL, Inc.


In his own imitable way, with tremendous insight and a dash of humor, Reddy lays out a clear vision for an AI-infused future, and a road map for design-firm CEOs to thrive in it.

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Mick Morrissey
Managing Principal, Morrissey Goodale


"Creating the Intangible Enterprise" simplifies the way we should look at the rise of AI use cases and provides insightful, practical recommendations to be ready and thrive as the organization of the future.

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Ibrahim S. Odeh, Ph. D, MBA
Dept. of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Columbia University


We are on the cusp of potentially enormous AI-driven disruptions to foundational economic and social structures. KP outlines a tangible approach to thriving in an AI-driven world and details why the focus of AI disruption may be in industries that have been historically slow to innovate.

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Dr. Sam Chandan
Founding Director, Chen Institute for Global Real Estate Finance at the NYU Stern School of Business


In Creating the Intangible Enterprise, KP Reddy emphasizes that paradigm-shifting technologies like AI won’t upend the world as we know it. On the contrary, they will bring us back to the fundamentals — enhancing success through greater creativity, adaptability, resilience, and leadership. Its ultimately a hopeful vision of a future that’s more efficient and more human.

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Aamir Paul
President, North America Operations, Schneider Electric

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A photo of the book "What you know about Startups is Wrong" along with a smart phone showing the e-book version.
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