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KP Reddy is an engineer, serial entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. Through this lens he is an avid writer and speaker with a mission to prepare the built environment stakeholders for the challenges ahead.


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Grab a copy of KP's newest book: Creating the Intangible Enterprise, and learn how AI will actually change how we build companies. In the face of algorithms and machine learning, intangibles that are uniquely human—skills like creativity, adaptability, and emotional intelligence—will be the clear drivers for growth.
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KP's take on the future of AI opened my eyes to where the industry is heading. Understanding AI’s potential impact on our internal policies, reskilling of our employees to use new tools and how government will regulate were several key takeaways. And given that KP is an engineer himself, it makes the conversation more impactful.

A photo of John Olsson.
John Olsson
Chief Relationship Officer at Olsson
Nationally Recognized AE Firm


His keynote was the right amount of "wake up" without being "woke." While not an easy task, he gained the full attention of over sixty senior engineering executives. As they are all processing different scenarios, he got them to contemplate their legacy before they retire, which may also require multiple therapy sessions.

A photo of Clint Robinson.
Clint Robinson
Associate VP for Black & Veatch
Global EPC & Construction Company


KP's expertise on subjects like AI, robotics, and automation speaks for itself — he has a deep background as an engineer, founder, and investor. What makes him such a skilled storyteller, though, is that he's able to illustrate where the industry is going with equal doses of insight, humor, and uncommon realism.

A photo of Dr. Sam Chandan.
Dr. Sam Chandan
Founding Director, C. H. Chen Institute for Global Real Estate Finance at the NYU Stern School of Business


KP's insights shed light on potential challenges with outstanding clarity. His expertise in dissecting innovation and technology hurdles in AEC was highly enlightening for our team. He addressed the potential impacts of technology on the future of AEC businesses, emphasizing how transformative technologies are reshaping the industry and challenging our traditional business models.

A photo of Jim Haynes
Jim Haynes, P.E.
President and CEO at POWER Engineers

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Stay current with KP's latest news and updates in the world of innovation and the built environment. Here, he shares insights on all things startups, investing, and innovation.

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