A serial entrepreneur with over 28 years of experience in disruptive innovation.

To know K.P. Reddy is to experience boundless enthusiasm for creating new ventures. Reddy’s multidisciplinary career spans the innovation continuum. Over 25+ years, he has been a technologist, subject matter expert, founder, CEO, advisor, investor, professor, author, and coach. KP Reddy has been a passionate entrepreneur since launching his first business at the age of 19. With his first IPO reaching a market cap of some quarter-billion dollars, KP quickly learned how to take a good product idea and build it into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Since then, KP has been an avid investor in technology startups around the world.

K.P. effortlessly combines expertise in advanced technologies with critical, in-the-trenches experience as an entrepreneur. He is a globally recognized authority in AEC environments, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, collaborative communication, mobile applications, and cloud computing. His passion is in launching game-changing startups, raising substantial investments, and leading organizations to meaningful acquisition and IPO exits.
KP currently splits his time between Atlanta, Georgia and Asheville, North Carolina.